Brighton, East Sussex

Bio: Please visit http://www.lucidhealing.co.uk for a fuller picture of Ali's practice. Ali Rabjohns is an experienced shamanic practitioner of Andean Energy Medicine and an artist, training with the Four Winds Society. Ali teaches regular Medicine Wheel workshops. She is also initiated into the 4th level of the Inka mystical tradition under the tutelage of Juan Nuñez del Prado and his son Ivan. Ali has spent time in Peru working with a range of medicine men and women, participating in Amazonian medicine plant ceremonies and in Inka ceremonies in the High Andes. She lives and runs her healing practice near Lewes in East Sussex. Ali has 11 years healing experience and has been trained by Don Juan Núñez del Prado and his son Iván Núñez del Prado, she holds a Paqo Certificate in Andean medicine. Ali also attended The Healing the Light Body School, headed by Dr Alberto Villoldo PhD and The Four Winds Society . She offers her clients the opportunity to discover the power and wisdom within their own healing journey. Ali lived in Brittany for three years and moved back to Southern England four years ago. She has since spent time following her celtic lineage through sacred ceremony for the land in England, Brittany and Wales and currently considers this as an important aspect of her light work . She is also a certified spiritual healer and holds a certificate in ‘The Therapeutic Application of the Arts’ from the Institute for Arts in Therapy and Education in London. She has taught children and adults for over 15 years. Please see http://www.feltgoodfeltfine.com for more information about exhibitions and her textiles work.

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