Hello world!

Earthkeepers are a network of like-minded souls who share passion, wisdom and vision. We have connected to help create a world we want to leave behind for our children’s children. We see ourselves as a spider network or a lighthouse, a star stream that promotes sustainability for our local community and the world at large. We’re working towards 2012 and beyond.

We want to hold a space in the world, where we can use the healing powers of the earth, including stars, sea, trees and mountains to inform our highest destinies and those of our clients. We walk in the paths of our ancestors, honouring their ancient wisdom. Our intention is to work with integrity and follow a simple path of truth.

We are a circle of shamanic practitioners, teachers, homeopaths and healers. We empower each other and journey together, nourishing our inner growth and self-awareness. We combine our skills, exchanging healing and resources. We care for and support each other as a group. We create ceremonies for earth festivals; we have fire ceremonies each full moon. We spend time in nature, enjoying vision quests and sweat lodges. We enjoy learning more about trees and bush craft. We express ourselves creatively and leap into trance postures. What more could a shamanic group want? Well, there is one more thing – and that is we always, whenever possible, work with humour. Although we like to have fun and don’t take ourselves too seriously, there is coyote humour amongst us, where lies beneath it sincerity and flow.

We have many interesting things organised for this year. Please keep coming back, so that we can keep you updated.